When it comes to keeping students and staff safe from school shootings, violence, vandalism, and other types of violent or destructive occurrences, Homeland Safety Systems goes over and beyond to create top of the line surveillance solutions.

Millions of students rely on their campus to be a safe shelter in which they can learn. Without the use of an effective safety system, places such as cafeterias, gymnasiums, dorms, classrooms, and recreational areas become increasingly more vulnerable to violence and destruction. For these reasons, Homeland Safety Systems provides campuses with a wide range of intelligent, efficient surveillance solutions that will aid in keeping students and teachers safe from harm.

Here are a few of the reasons why we believe having a comprehensive video surveillance system helps make campuses safer:

Surveillance Solution: Minimizes Unauthorized Entry

One of the first and easiest ways to protect a campus is to attack the problem of unauthorized entry head on. This can be from a guest wandering into areas that are only meant for teachers or other staff members to someone breaking in after hours. By adding cameras both inside and outside, campuses can minimize, if not eliminate, blind spots leading them less susceptible to theft and vandalism. Homeland Safety Systems offers an array of cameras that work in both daylight and dark environments. More importantly, these cameras are useful in being a nonstop deterrent.

Surveillance Solution: Monitors Students

As with unauthorized entry, surveillance cameras can just as easily monitor students both during and in between classes, where there is the largest tendency for verbal or physical altercations to occur. With standard cameras, it could take days or even weeks for security to review footage, and by the time something is detected, could be too late. Homeland Security Systems provides efficient and accurate surveillance solutions for campuses by identifying movement patterns or behavior, and if necessary, alerting security staff or law enforcement when they do detect a potentially violent occurrence. This also could be extremely helpful in the case of a student medical emergency or in special needs classrooms

Optimize Your Campus with Surveillance Solutions

Intelligent surveillance solutions are able to prevent harm to students and teachers, and they’re also able to reduce property damage and liability costs associated with vandalism. When a school incorporates Homeland Safety Systems, acts of violence and destruction are stopped before they have a chance to start. A video surveillance system should have the ability and authority to alert a security team if there was ever a potential threat present. If not, what good is it? Being able to alert authorities, saves time and saves lives. Cameras, when monitored correctly, add another layer or willingness to comply with campus regulations. For more information, check out our post: Four Reasons Why Your School Should Have Video Surveillance

Surveillance for Safety Makes a Stronger Community

A community wants to be able to look at its schools as a safe learning environment. When instances where a venue is needed, you want the community to be able to say “Let’s hold the event at the school.” You want your parents to be sure that their child’s safety is of the utmost importance. By using effective methods of reducing violence, drugs, and other arising problems that ultimately detract from the overall learning experience, we, at Homeland Safety Systems, are able to set students up for success long after their graduation date.

For over sixteen years, we continue to provide extensive security risk assessments an install complete safety solutions all across Louisiana, Arkansas, and Mississippi. For more information contact Homeland Safety Systems, Inc. at 888-909-2261 or fill out our contact form here!

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