School Safety has become an important topic of conversation among educational stakeholders nationwide. It has been discussed that we must combine our efforts in providing safe learning environments for our children. Homeland Safety Systems is ready to contribute to these efforts by providing a comprehensive security solution.

Lock-Downs in School Facilities

In the event of a security breach, both teachers and administrators are required to secure the entire building and keep all children indoors. This is commonly referred to as a “lock-down.” In these situations, faculty members are usually responsible for over 25 students and cannot leave them unattended. Therefore, teachers and students are expected to rely on others to efficiently and successfully handle the “lock-down” process.

College campuses pose as even a greater threat because they have multiple buildings, forcing faculty members to travel from building to building to lock all the doors.

Homeland Safety Systems Inc. offers a professionally designed access control system that gives you the ability to link and lock all doors using a cloud-based platform. It also allows you to track, record, and restrict access throughout your educational institution.  An access control system will help schools protect their borders and provide peace of mind.

Security Integration for Schools

At Homeland Safety Systems, we understand that one solution will not fit all. Therefore, we have chosen to utilize technology using an integrated approach to meet all your individual security needs. When you partner with a respectable company like Homeland Safety Systems Inc., you will receive the highest quality of service, equipment, and expertise to safeguard your school. Together we can protect our children to ensure that they have a future. If you are interested in learning more about our products and services, contact us today for a free risk assessment at (888) 909-2261.

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