Interoperable emergency communication is important to law enforcement, military, and first-responders. Homeland Safety Systems, Inc. is a certified dealer for Tait and Harris brand radios. We specialize in providing Project 25 (P25) compliant radios that aid in public safety communication.

As the need for businesses and organizations to integrate security measures increases, radio communication has become an increasingly vital component to protect and manage.


When disasters or life-threatening emergencies occur, P25 radios are a sophisticated means of communicating directly and rapidly with local, state, and federal public safety organizations and agencies allowing immediate access to those entities for fast response. Simply, P25, a user-driven system, saves lives. P25 radio standards were developed by the Association of Public-Safety Communications Officials International (APCO) and is a suite of standards for North American digital radio communications for the purpose of allowing interoperable multi-agency communications during emergency situations.

Tait Radios are high performing, tough and resilient standing up to high technical standards and strongly constructed to survive rough treatment and weather conditions. Tait radios are manufactured on robust software that is repeatedly tested to ensure your communication capabilities are reliable. Tait equipment is tested against temperature, air pressure, humidity, vibration, and shock, ensuring you that it will stand up to all conditions. This type of communication device is trusted by police, fire departments, emergency services, mining, the oil and gas industry, and utility workers.

Harris’ P25 system combines radios with an IP-based network with industry recognized P25 standards. Harris has developed exacting P25 technical standards and compliant systems for their radios.

When your business or organization requires top-of-the-line, superior radios, Homeland Safety Systems, Inc. has the capabilities and products needed to ensure maximum emergency and urgent communications.



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