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We design, manufacture, and install our own intelligent security systems to make measureable improvements in correctional facilities, detention centers, prisons, and jails across the Ark-La-Tex and MS.

Prison administrators have a responsibility to keep personnel and prisoners safe, society and contraband out, inmates contained, chaos managed, and your facility running smoothly. But in the complex environment of a prison where tensions run high and hostility often leads to violence, it’s challenging to maintain control and stability. It’s critical that opportunities for aggression caused by animosity among inmates and between inmates and staff are avoided and security breaches averted.

Because prison administrators and staff can’t be everywhere at once—and with inmate populations rising—sophisticated security measures must exist within and outside a correctional institution’s perimeter. With thousands of inmates under prison administration supervision, installing and accessing the most advanced security technology systems available is vital to safety management. 

Prison Control Systems & Intrusion Detection Alarms


To prevent unauthorized entry and exit of staff, volunteers, health providers, religious advisors, and visitors, as well as the unauthorized exit of inmates, facility access control systems are a preferred security tool. Homeland Safety Systems, Inc. provides professionally designed access control systems that allow you to track, record, and restrict access in or out of the facility and its internal parameters without staff intervention.

Audio & Video Surveillance


Because our cameras are manufactured in house

with systems customized to your facility, when problems are identified, we provide quick solutions and product availability and repair. Homeland Safety Systems, Inc. specializes in digital remote viewing camera systems with internet connectivity. Outside prison perimeters, our cameras have unique capabilities, including optional license plate recognition to prevent questionable and/or non-authorized individuals from entering or nearing a facility.

Garrett Metal Detectors


State-of-the-art metal detectors are critical for the safe and secure operation of a prison facility. Ensuring weapons are not brought into prison or manufactured by inmates is critical to maintaining a safe environment. Homeland Safety Systems, Inc. is an authorized dealer of Garrett Metal Detectors, a renowned, technologically superior global leader of walk-through, hand-held and ground search metal detection products and training for prison security. In the security industry, Garrett metal detectors are the most recognized and trusted, providing practical solutions for security checkpoints.



As a certified dealer for Tait and Harris brand radios, Homeland Safety Systems, Inc. specializes in providing Project 24 (P25) compliance radios for interoperable communication throughout your correctional facility.






50 years of combined experience


With our professional, uniquely customized prison control systems, Homeland Safety can integrate your facility into a complete program of access control, electronic/automated door locks, video surveillance, perimeter, door and gate intrusion alarms, compliance radios, and metal detectors. We can also ensure a comprehensive & cost-efficient solution specific to your facility needs.

For over 50 years, we have specialized in commercial & industrial electronics providing full, turn-key cutting edge solutions for security projects across the Ark-La-Tex & MS. As always, we are on the cusp of innovations and trends in security technology, setting us apart from other correctional center security companies. In order to achieve your prison safety goals, we will do our utmost to develop a system that considers both your budgetary concerns and your facility needs.

As your security systems provider, our only focus is the safety of your detention center/correctional facility and precise attention to your needs. Known for our integrity and responsiveness, we meet our customers’ expectations and honor all of our commitments while providing consistent, 24-hour, 365-day service and communication.


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